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  In 2003, a donor provided a gift to pay for publication and distribution of A Short History of American Capitalism. These funds were used to print several thousand copies of the book in the same format as the Adobe Acrobat® version on this site. Although the supply of books is not yet exhausted, the response to the offer of a free copy has been so overwhelming, that we have expended our donor's generous gift, and must charge shipping fees for those who request a copy.

If you are willing to pay for Priority Mail shipping costs, we will ship you a copy of "A Short History of American Capitalism" via USPS Priority Mail for $8.99 within the United States.  (All international shipping will be quoted on a per/order basis.  Please email your shipping address to Samantha Wood Goddess to receive a quote for international shipping costs.)

We accept payments via PayPal, where you can use your PayPal account or any major credit card to pay for shipping.

You may also download the book in its entirety, or chapter by chapter, here