A Short History of American Capitalism

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About the Book

Seventeen books by Meyer Weinberg had been published at the time of his death in February, 2002. Some were published by university presses, others by commercial publishers of texts or paperback books, others by the U.S. Government Printing Office.

A Short History of American Capitalism is a book that Meyer had wanted to write for many years. Although other histories of capitalism had been written, he believed in the need for a compact, factual book that concentrated on the development of capitalism in the United States, one that would be clear and straightforward, thoroughly supported by references to authoritative studies and historical reporting.

During 2001, the book was submitted to several publishers who expressed interest in seeing the manuscript. Although the publishers responded with varying degrees of optimism, Meyer realized that the Internet would be the best vehicle for distribution of the book. The Internet would make the book more easily available to students.  Meyer observed humorously that removal of the profit motive would probably improve distribution of the book.